Of course, we welcome 2015 – we have little option. However, this year will be more about communication than ever before. There will be hundreds of millions of emails, tweets and posts. Even if a lot of them will be banal rubbish, we are having to suck it up and accept that having a growing presence on all these platforms is necessary. Whether you consider it evil or not.

If you don’t have an opinion and post it through a digital medium, then it’s not worth having, no-one will care. If you don’t establish yourself this year, then you will start to see the effect on your business. Whether you like it or not, you have no option, you need to get involved and be part of it. There is no room for bystanders. Standing still will just mean you’re going backwards, your business will suffer, your competition will be sweeping up all that is before them.

And why would not bother?
Digital marketing continues to blow all other marketing formats out of the water. The speed, reach and the lowest cost to benefit ratio is just incredible.

Here are you top tips to get started:

  1. Get a Twitter account
  2. Get a Facebook account and create a Fan/Business Page
  3. Start collecting, harvesting and organising all your contacts and their email addresses – the are worth a fortune to you – you’re going to need them
  4. Remember to ask EVERY client or contact that you talk to for their email address
  5. Get a Newsletter Sign Up form on your website NOW!
  6. Think laterally – there are hundreds of news articles, general and industry specific that you can have an opinion on. Trawl your favourite news sites for inspiration

I am going to be posting more information, news and tips about how you can easily take control of your digital marketing, so please come back again soon.