Graphic Design

I have spent many years working with graphics. From designing business stationery, creating logos and branding, up to vehicle graphics and sports stadia advertising boards.

I believe that great design makes people happy and they often do not realise that design does this. Walk around any large Scandinavian furniture store and you’ll be attracted to certain items and others less so. That is how design communicates with you.

The same can be said of Graphic Design, but there is also an additional, vital component – it has to Work! A flyer can look pretty, but if it doesn’t bring you business, then it’s a waste.

I combine many years of experience in marketing to produce effective design. Yes, it will look good, but understanding your target market and what makes them react is as important – this is where I can help.

So if you need effective, professional graphics for your project, call me on 01225 812578