Here is a simple guide to my prices. There are only two rules:

  • We agree a fixed price before any work is started
  • 50% of the fixed price is paid in advance, the balance is paid on completion

The most common question I get asked is ‘how much is a website?’. When I reply, people are often shocked, as they recall the horror stories of how much some people have paid – I laugh and then take their order!

All my sites range from around £1,250 – £3,500, most of them at the lower end of the scale, of course, we’ll discuss your specific needs and come to an agreement we are both happy with.

Are there any extras?
Yes, some. You’ll need hosting: This can cost from £14.95 to £23.95 per month depending how complex your site is. You’ll also need a domain name. A will be about £10 per year, .com about £18 per year.

For domain specific email addresses, these are £38 per email address, per year.

Graphic Design:
Studio rates ar £40 per hour

Training and consultancy:
Daily rates are £380

For all other work, we’ll need to talk.

Call me on 01225 812578  – I can help