Vintage & Antiques

Bath's Antique Market


Bath’s leading antiques market attracts the great and good from all over the Country. Based in the old Green Park Station this market is thriving hive of traders for three Sundays a month throughout the year. IT also has featured events for Food, Fashion, Toys and seasonal specialities


Market manager, Naomi, herself an accomplished designer, needed a local web developer to help her build her vision. It needed to be easy for her and her team to manage and update. We were able to convert her designs and vision into one the busiest sites we host, with visitors from all over the world, interested in something unique.

Naomi Knight

Rob came recommended by a friend and it soon became obvious that he was really happy to work with me and my designs to create a wonderful site. Using the WordPress platform, and with Rob;s support, my team and I are able to easily manage the site and keep it up to date.

About us

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Build Me Up Buttercup

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I’ll be your baby tonight

"I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" Close your eyes - close the door You don't have to worry any more I'll be your baby tonight Shut the light - shut the shade You don't have to be afraid I'll be your baby tonight Well, the mockingbird's gonna sail away We're...

Chasing Cars

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