I love the fact we can pick and choose what, when and where we watch TV these days. Of course, I did predict this scenario over 10 years ago, but I’m not gloating. I am just enjoying some GREAT TV.

2015 promises a lot and it’s not an understatement to say I am a little moist in anticipation of what is to come. I love great Crime Drama, so Broadchurch, filmed near a friend’s place in Clevedon is the first up on my planner.  Nicola Walker is a guilty secret of mine, and I am currently enjoying the second series of Last Tango in Halifax, although not a crime drama, it also features Sarah Lancashire, and her return in Happy Valley I am sure will provide more ‘edge of the seat’ evenings. The same can be said of Surrane Jones, so I am happy to watch as much or her as possible in Scott and Bailey.

There is a lot to be admired with well-written British drama – I do believe we’re the best in the World at this. Though I am not that fanatical about period dramas, I will be hooked into Poldark, if only because some of it was filmed in my local town of Corsham and will be busy spotting my friends’ Indian restaurant, which is made up as a Saddlery for the occasion.

A lot of American TV is done brilliantly, (some less so) and I love it! Like millions of others, I got hooked on Breaking Bad, so the prequel spin-off of Better Call Saul is going to be hot. Along with the next series of House of Cards is well worth my Netflix subscription alone, but with Orange is the New Black also on the horizon, this delivers great value. A highlight for me in 2014 was discovering The West Wing, yes I was late, but hey I can’t be everywhere. It was only after the first series on The Newsroom that I realised that Aaron Sorkin was responsible for both these series. What brilliant writing. I have set all my alerts to anything new coming from this guy – great drama, with a kick and a twist.

The drama/comedy that will be this year’s election will not to be missed and there will be many hours of TV dedicated to what will be a fascinating race. Now with more teams involved kicking the ankles of the big guys and annoying many. These will be entertaining times as long as we don’t take it too seriously. After all, we can vote – but exactly what difference that makes I am still unsure. As a good friend of mine once quoted. “Democracy is great, but it’s wasted on the masses, for they don’t know or don’t care.”