‘Give a man to fish…’ – you know the rest.

Some people need to just get things done by others they trust and then move on to the next project. Others, of a more inquisitive mind, or a tighter budget, want to learn how to do something for themselves.

I provide website building workshops and 1-2-1 sessions for people wanting to learn how to build websites. Whether it’s for their own sense of achievement¬†or they feel they could develop additional income.¬†Click here to see more about this on my dedicated website.

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For every client whom I build a Content Managed Website for, get a half-day session to help them get to grips with the basics, then ongoing support is provided within the monthly hosting fee.

I have one client who has no interest in building websites, but I do teach him Bass guitar once a week – he’s getting quite good.

I am also a qualified football coach – just thought I would throw that in.