Website Design and Build

Working with individuals, small and medium-sized businesses I provide a personal service that allows clients to be involved with as much of the design and development as they wish to be. The advice I provide is backed up from over 30 years business experience and is well-reasoned. However, it is only advice – it does not have to be taken.
I enjoy working with all my clients – this is vital for successful projects. If we don’t like each other, then it’s best we move on.
A free initial consultation to establish your aims and objectives has proven to be a great way to get started. If we both feel we can work together, then I provide a detailed proposal and fixed price quotation. No add-ons or nasty surprises here.
What does a website cost?
This is a unique industry. Most web companies will judge what they think a customer can/will afford. In truth, putting a load of text and pictures together, making it look nice and reflect the standards of your business is really not a difficult task. Yes, having the technical knowledge to make it all work and add a few tricks, bells and whistles takes a little more skill, but it’s not rocket science.
My price range for sites is £1,250 – £3,500.
From basic static sites, up to interactive and e-commerce sites. if this is the range you’re considering, then pick up the phone and call me on 01225 812578 to get things started.

‘Great Design makes you happy’

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