By Rob Wyborn

It’s All Your Fault

Personal development self-help utilising positive therapy

When we learn to accept that every decision we have made during our adult life has been our own choice, and we take responsibility for them and our subsequent actions, then we can get excited about our future. When we do this we are able to design and achieve everything we truly want. With a few simple tools and a dose of smart thinking, we can make incredible, positive changes in our lives, we simply need to change the way we think. It’s not easy, but it is simple and all the tools you need are here. Enjoy.

About the Author

Rob Wyborn

From a Signwriter to Graphic Designer, Songwriter to Web Monger, Rob’s journey to being a published writer has been an interesting and eventful path. His experiences and research have evolved into a passion to write and explain how we can all benefit from positive therapy and achieve everything we desire. Without the need for a Secret, having to ‘order’ anything from the Cosmos, or trying to attract laws, the tools in Rob’s work are designed to help you help yourself and to understand that we can all control the most powerful organ we all have – our mind.

Other Books – Coming in 2019

How I Reversed my Type 2 Diabetes

The story of my diagnosis to my reversal – Simply by changing the way you think

Positive Therapy

How you can be your own therapist and change your life around.


Who needs it?


During my many conservations, over some excellent lunches with Rob, it wasn’t until I read his book, that I had realised just how much his philosophy had helped me – it makes a lot of sense

– Gerald

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March 29, 2019

Book Launch

The launch of ‘It’s All Your Fault’, Rob’s first Self-Help, Positive Therapy book

August 10, 2018

Signing and Talk, Los Angeles, CA

As part of a short US tour, Rob will be signing copies of his book, It’s All Your Fault as well as giving a talk and a Q&A session – bring wine 🙂

Coming Soon!

Release March 29, 2019

Debut release – It’s All Your Fault


Rob’s first book, It’s All Your Fault – whilst the title may appear a little harsh, it’s a powerful reminder that we need to accept that every decision we have made during our adult life has been our own choice, and we need to recognise that responsibility. From then on, we can get excited about our future because we can start to design and achieve everything we truly want.

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