This is about Truth and Honesty – you may think these are siblings that get along like toast and coffee, cheese and wine.

Being honest and being truthful are really not even distant cousins. There may have been a brush with each others DNA at some point but no more than that.

Do we always tell the truth? Are we always honest?

Of course, most of us would love to answer in the affirmative to these questions. Many of us would probably say that we ‘try’ really hard. A few will admit to NO.

There is no judgement here, which team you play for, or however many times you choose to switch sides. The reality is that we all manage these aspects.

Depending on our outlook, social view, religion, politics even our own belief system. Truth and honesty are so different for every living soul. So where do we find the absolute? Does it exist? We tell the truth depending on our experience, beliefs and our own desired outcome. Two people witnessing the same incident may use differing terminology to recount the ‘facts’. The red car ran into the blue car. The red car smashed in the blue car. Both statements would be accurate, but the language used, certainly draws different pictures.

So where do our truths come from?

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