We’ve all been there. In a meeting, when you’re partner is talking, when you’re listening without really listening. Well, some simple thinking can help to really make a difference to the respect that you give to others and in turn, gain for yourself.

Nigel Risner is a well-known and incredibly talented, effective, motivational speaker. I saw him ‘perform’ his stuff and felt privileged to have done so. Watch his videos, buy his books. One of his favourite philosophies is to ‘BE IN THE ROOM’. This means to concentrate 100% on the task in hand.

Whether you’re in a meeting with someone, or a challenge has been set and you need to get it done. Be IN THE ROOM.

We’ve all been guilty of letting our mind wander, even at critically important times in our lives. This is detrimental to the effort we are putting in and can have a hugely counter-productive effect on the respect we have from others and for ourselves.

Even the smallest task, chance meeting or what may be unimportant meeting. Be In The Room – give that occasion your full, undivided attention. Think about the other people in that meeting, be interested, get involved, stop thinking about what you can get out of it and think about what you can put into it.

If you find yourself ‘wandering off’ whilst others are talking, like mediation, just bring yourself back into the room.

This of course goes hand-in-hand with my mission to change the world’s meetings – Meetings should never be longer than 20 minutes!

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