Like most first books, this one has been brewing for a long time. Until a few years ago, I had no real intention to let my written ramblings escape in a public format. Whilst I had always enjoyed the writing process, it is such a direct route – from the brain to fingers, to paper or keyboard, I also enjoyed the speed at which the thought can be given birth to, on the screen or more importantly, on the page – so much harder to delete.

I started writing a long time before I had any thoughts of writing a book. I had kept a journal. If you’ve ever done that, you’ll understand it’s a great habit. Being able to write down all of your thoughts when the feeling takes you. These can be dark, dark mumblings, some really sad stuff, but always honest. No-one was going to read it, so it really can be worts ‘n all tomb of scribblings. I think knowing you’re being completely honest is an incredible therapy, it sets you free and let’s you say the stuff you know you can’t say to those involved – and that’s good. Once you write it down, read it back, you’ll realise that you have just gone through real therapy, as a lot of this stuff is our own private thoughts and those are the only things we can control. Once you’ve said these things to other people, that’s it. Those words are gone and you’ll never get them back.

Always Be honest, Always Be careful

Writing my journal allowed me to expand my thinking and to think more about exactly what I was thinking. I had come to understand that real thinking, the deep stuff, is really quite a rare commodity. Some of us think about stuff on the surface, and we can keep on thinking the same process, but we rarely go deep. We rarely have great depth or understanding of our thinking.

From all this thinking and writing, I realised I was evolving my own philosophy. One of which I had started to communicate with friends. These friends started to see changes in their lives and credited me with how our conversations in recent years had helped them to make significant changes in their own lives. This was when I knew that I really could help people and that was what I wanted all along.

So here it is, my first book. It’s All Your Fault. It’s designed to be a set of tools for you to use to help you achieve anything you truly want to achieve. There is no Secret, Nothing to Order from the Cosmos and Laws that you need to Attract.

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