Our lives have been shaped through thousands of small and large decisions and life choices. We have made millions of choices and each one has contributed to bringing us, or more importantly, You, here today.

Of course, not every one of these was clearly thought out and consequences considered; some will have been spur of the moment decisions, the great ones worked out well. There were probably a lot more that didn’t.
Every decision you have made in your life today has brought you to this moment in time, to this place and to this blog.
Look around you, look at your life, few of us are where we thought we would be. Changes happen, people we know and love have an influence over us, some more so than others, but every element and nuance of your life have equipped you to make the decisions and choices that you have made to date.

From now on, you can take total control of those decisions, take total control of your life. Once you accept that every decision you have made up to now has been your own free choice, consciously or not, then you start to get excited about the future. You can start to design and plan your future achievements.

You already have everything you want.

Celebrate your incredible ability to have not let anything or anyone get in the way of what you have today. You have done it all, nothing and nobody has stopped you.
You may be thinking you didn’t want to be overweight. You may be thinking you wanted a different or better job, relationship, more money, better stuff. Sorry, but you’ve got everything you wanted – otherwise you wouldn’t have it.

I should just add, before you start shouting ‘Well I didn’t want…this or I don’t want that…’ – you need to focus on the things you DO want, not the things you don’t want. Being positive is an incredible superpower – you will develop that.

You may be thinking this was not the way you thought things would work out. But of course, it is precisely the way things have happened and you have been in control all the time. Up until now, you hadn’t realised or accepted it. So go on, do it now. Accept it, then you can carry on reading this, it will make a lot more sense.

This really is the core to this concept – once you accept that you’re responsible for everything you’ve got in your life, then you can start to take control about what happens in the future – you’re in total control.
It was never your parent’s fault, nor your partner(s), your boss(es), your Council, your Government or any other figure in your life. Some or all of them may well of contributed and influenced you along the way, but that is because you have let them – you may have been hoodwinked or seduced into thinking you were not in control of a lot of this stuff – you were. You have been in control of every aspect of your thinking, of every thought you had and every action you have taken. The time is now here for you to own it.

You have made the choices about how hard you have studied, how diligently you have worked, you know how honest you have been, you know, deep down, you have got everything you deserved. You know when you’ve taken the easy option and you know where, when and with whom you have conducted yourself with integrity – and when you haven’t…

If you’re sat there thinking some aspect of your life was somebody else’s fault, then look deeper – maybe you let them make the decisions, [so you could have someone to blame if it went wrong], you gave them the power. To be fair, there is no ‘maybe’ about it, you did.

If you’re still reading this you may think I am being a little harsh, you’re right (kind of). Don’t worry, the other side of the coin, the good stuff, is coming soon. It’s important to realise that you have made and are responsible for every decision you have made in your life and need to accept the consequences of such decisions. Once you can accept that, then the good stuff starts – don’t worry the good stuff is coming.
You may have had wishes and dreams, we all do, but that’s all they are. They are rarely well reasoned, considered, thought-out strategies that you have dedicated your life to achieving – if they had, you wouldn’t be reading this.

You have absolute control over your life. You’re responsible for every single aspect of it. Once you accept this, realise that you’re responsible for where you are today, and that you have targets and goals you want to achieve, the there is only one thing you have to do to achieve everything you want.

You simply have to change the way you think.

This extract is taken from Rob’s new Book. It’s All Your Fault – But that’s a good thing.

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